Hymns for churches without organists.

We’ve devised a number of programs that can be used by churches to keep the organ playing.

Here’s one option:

Playing hymns and liturgy music using MIDI files.

For more than 10 years, we have been playing Masses at a Catholic church midway down in the Florida Keys, a church that has not been able to find an organist.  This church uses a PR-300 MIDI module songs we email them at their request.

During this time we have refined the process of creating MIDI files that does more than just "play the organ" and have just introduced a new program that does a superior job of playing the organ.  This new process makes it easier for the person running the PR-300 to serve as "substitute organist”.

Questions often asked:

Does the organ have to have a PR-300 to do this? 
No. A PR-300 can be used.  We recommend updating it to use the new USB Emulator Drive that we install and program, making it possible for all the hymns and music to be on only one USB stick, eliminating floppy disk-swapping and failure of floppy disks as they age.  

An MR-200, iPad with MIDI interface, laptop computer, smartphone or other device can be used just as effectively. 

More recent Rodgers & Roland organs have record and play functions playing from a USB stick, and these work nicely without the need for an additional equipment expense.  We will you in determining what is best for your situation.

Got questions?

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How much does this cost?
Hymns are $15 each.  

Is training available?
We offer videos online that explain in layman’s terms how to play the organ in this way. 

We provide a money back guarantee for any hymns that they order.  If you are not satisfied in any way, we refund your money.

The organ has a built-in hymn player, but the church wants hymns and liturgy music not on it,  Will this serve their needs?

How about Preludes and Postludes and Wedding Marches?
All are available as well.

Use the contact information on the right side of this page to contact us so that we can explore how this may help you in your musical situation.