Solo Organ with MIDI Orchestra

Exciting musical arrangements composed for you as organ soloist accompanied by MIDI orchestra.  Many feature hymn tunes, others are arrangements of classical music and all are suitable for church services.

You select the piece, press PLAY are ready to go.

When these were first composed, you had to have a Rodgers PR-300 MIDI module to play the orchestra parts.  Today any computer, iPhone, iPad or MIDI keyboard with a player is capable of playing the orchestra parts.  A simple cable like this, works to connect many devices to the Rodgers Organ Audio In plugs.  This uses the Rodgers Organ audio system for great sound.  However, if you prefer, it can be run through your church aud system or a home theater system at home, if you prefer.

The USB drive we mail you has both the MIDI files and the music PDF pages on it.

The MIDI Files.
These play the instruments.

The PDF Files
These are the printed music pages. You may print them out and play form them or even play them directly from your computer or tablet, if it can be placed on the music rack or on a stand where you can see it.

How do you get this?
We mail you  a Frog Music Press 8GB USB drive that has all the MIDI files on it and PDF files.  All of the MIDI files are unlocked for you play and choose from. The PDF’s of the music are locked - but the frst book, THE SAMPLER is free and open for you to play and print. These are not shortened samples, but complete pieces that we composed as we first began writing.  There are samples of pages of all the music on this page for you to view - just click on the name of the book or piece to see the samples.

Order the Drive - Click Here - $29.95, including shipping.

Hear the Music.
On the right are sample audio files of performances of the music.

Print or Play the Score
To purchase the password to unlock the book, click in the number of the piece.Buy to purchase the password.

BUY     See the sample pages from the book.
901 The Sampler is free, unlocked and ready for you to read and play.

902 An Angelic Christmas

903 A MIDI Musical Christmas

904 Carols of Christmas Past

905 Classical Harmonies

906 Vivaldi Organ Concerto

907 Cross of Jesus

908 For Unto Us

909 Host of Angels

910 Heritage Hymns

911 Hymn Tune Preludes

912 It Is Well With My Soul - Don Lewis

913 Lent & Easter520

914 Lift High the Cross

915 A Joyful Postlude

916 Of God and Country

917 Playing for the Christ Child

918 Royal Ceremonial & Wedding Music

919 Sacred Arias & Choruses of Bach

920 Sommersonaten

921 The Sight is Glorious

922 There is a Balm

923 What Heavenly

925 NowKarg-Elert

All with 100% satisfaction guarantee - full, cheerful refunds given!