Subscribe to the book and you will have immediate access to downloads of all the music already written and all new music added during the next 12 months.  The music is in PDF format and can be opened, read and printed from any computer. But, and this is even better, it may be played from the display of an iPad or computer tablet.

This is a growing book.  Some people play it directly from an iPad or tablet using the free programs Adobe Read or on the iPad the music score program ForScore. 

Some print out the pages they want to play.

You will receive emails as we add more hymns - before long we will add the advent and christmas music and that will complete the liturgic year.

That will then be available as a printed book.

More will be added online and they will become part of the 2nd book.

The music may also be played right from a tablet or iPad.

The book will include:

A chorale prelude for each hymn.
3 part playable version for organ.
4 part version of the hymnbook setting.
The hymnbook setting.

Additional extra music on the hymn may also be included.

Those who have subscribed will be able to buy it at a discount - your subscription payment will be applied.

Guarantee:  If you are dissatisfied at any time with your subscription, we will refund your money in full.